How It All Started

October 15th, 2017 was the start of it all. It was my sons first birthday and I wanted everything to be perfect. I made homemade fondant and a box chocolate cake while my mom fixed up some buttercream with can icing. I remember getting so many compliments on all of the party food that reinforced my dream to make my own company, that from that day on, Just Jess Cakes 412 stayed in the back of my mind. I further honed my skills and gained more experience while developing my creativity when I started to work in bakeries.

In the near future, I intend to buy a store front where I can express my love for baking through my skill and creativity alongside my family.

Ambrè Jr. 4 yrs old (wearing black) Jabari 1 yrs old (wearing gray) both my boys already love watching cooking videos and playing in icing.

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